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Server Requirements
  • Linux, OS X, BSD, or Windows (64-bit recommended)
  • Apache, Nginx, or IIS
  • MySQL 5.0 or newer
  • PHP 5.3 or newer, with these extensions:
    • Required: dom, gd, imap, json, mailparse, mbstring, mysql, spl
    • Recommended: memcache, xcache

Browser Requirements
  • The latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Mobile Safari, Opera, or Microsoft Internet Explorer (10.0+). Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Opera receive the most developer attention, and Internet Explorer receives the least.

Confused or stuck on the requirements?
If your current server or host can't meet the requirements, or you don't want to hassle with figuring things out, consider Cerb On-Demand. We'll handle the installation, hardware, upgrades, maintenance, performance tuning, troubleshooting, monitoring, local backups, twice weekly off-site backups to a redundant storage "cloud"; and we'll provide personal support by e-mail, chat, or phone.

Quick Start
  1. Log in to your webserver and navigate to site and directory where you want to install Cerb.
  2. Download the latest version from GitHub:
    git clone git:// cerb
    We highly recommend using git, but if you can't, you can download the latest version as a ZIP archive and extract it.
  3. Set permissions (Linux, Mac OS X, BSD, Solaris) -- use your own values for www-data:
    cd cerb
    chown -R www-data:www-data .
    chmod -R 0770 storage/
  4. Copy the .htaccess-dist to .htaccess (Apache only)
    cp .htaccess-dist .htaccess
  5. Create a database and user (replace user and password):
    mysql> GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON cerb.* TO user@localhost IDENTIFIED BY 'password';
  6. Open (use your own website) in your browser and complete the guided installation process.
  7. Read our notes on helpdesk security.
  8. Read the Online Manual to get the most out of your new Cerb installation.
Stuck? Try the detailed installation instructions.
Upgrading? Read the upgrade instructions.

Installation Walkthrough Video

This is a narrated walkthrough of the web-based installer, which explains the basic details you need to know to get started.

Legacy Downloads
Looking for older versions? Visit the project archives.

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